For some people, travelling helps them recuperate from stress due to overtime workloads. For other people, on another hand, travelling helps them mend their hearts due to failed relationships. And for those who are constantly looking forward to quench their “wanderlust” thirst, travelling helps them discover more about themselves.

However, there’s another great thing about travelling: change.

In what way, here’s a closer look:

Travelling makes us more grateful.

Being grateful doesn’t only mean praying to God and thanking Him for all the good things He’s done for you. It means praying to God and thanking Him despite all the bad things happening in your life. Being grateful also doesn’t only mean thanking people for specific things. It means thanking people for everything they’ve done for you.

Travelling makes us more considerate.

It’s not just about “in my perspective” anymore. It’s also about “in others’ perspective.” It’s not just about fulfilling your own dreams. It’s also about fulfilling your loved ones’ dreams. But most of all, it’s not just only thinking about your feelings. It’s thinking about others’ feelings – even taking some of these feelings as your own.

Travelling makes us more forgiving.

The picturesque views, the tranquil waters, the lush forest – of course, one would learn how to truly forgive someone who hurt him. But you know what? There’s someone else who deserves to be forgiven. YOU.

Travelling makes us more joyful.

If you think you’re already happy before travelling, think again! You’ll be happier during travelling. You’ll even be happiest after travelling. And it’s all thanks to whatever fun things you’re about to see firsthand, as well as whatever fun things you’re about to experience firsthand.

How does it feel like to change when travelling? Do you know how we’re changed by travelling? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!