Don’t have enough time to run or exercise? Ride your bike to work! It’s much easier to travel by your bike because you can incorporate cycling into your everyday routine. You could run too, but that would require you more time, and you’ll be more exhausted when you reach the office than when you used a bike to get to work.



Want to be fit quickly? Cycle! It’s best to get your bike and ride than run. This activity is a low-impact exercise which means you could keep cycling for longer. It sustains your stamina and trains it for endurance. With running, you can’t do that because the pain and strain are much more. Running can make your muscles sore and could lead to muscle damage too. This is the reason why cyclists can keep cycling for longer than runners running.



Cycling is also ideal for those who want to build muscles. Although both activities are recommended for the overall health and muscle endurance, riding a bike is better when we analyze the benefits of both. Cycling strengthens the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It means as you cycle, you’ll be able to see your muscles getting bigger and bigger. It also keeps your upper body muscles strong while you balance and maintain the proper posture. With running, you can’t bulk up even if you run up the hill. That’s because unlike cycling, running distributes strain all over the body. That’s another reason why you should get your dream bike now!

Less Injuries

Compared to running which could cause 11 injuries per 1,000 hours, cycling could only cause 6 for every 1,000 hours. That’s because, in cycling, you’ll only crash once for every 900,000 miles. To minimize injuries, you just have to make sure you don’t completely straighten your legs. Running causes more injuries because runners must build up a tolerance. Cycling is recommended for those who have current physical problems. According to one study carried out by the Appalachian State University, cycling is easier on the body for a longer period since it doesn’t cause much damage compared to running, which is its high-impact counterpart. Cyclists can bike for longer before it takes a toll on their bodies. Their experiment also revealed that long-distance runners underwent more inflammation, soreness, and muscle damage than cyclists after working out intensely.

More Scenes


Unlike running where the places you can reach are few and limited in a specified time, cycling can take you farther than you expected! You can observe more sceneries in a shorter period because you can cover more distance with a bike than with your mere legs.