CSGO: Gamble Some More

To gamble for the love of CSGO is something we all have heard of. Wherever you are, wherever you’ll go, it’s easy to place a bet because it’s online. Online betting has become an entertaining way to be part of the CSGO community even if you’re not an experienced player. If you want to gamble, it’s only reasonable for you to visit the Greatest CS:GO betting site in 2017.

But first, what does gambling even mean in the CSGO context?


Gambling in CS:GO refers to skin gambling. Skins are cosmetic finishes or designs for weapons—guns and knives—which are classified according to grade quality and how they’re used. Skins are considered virtual money, making them the virtual goods that make CSGO trading and betting feasible.


To gamble in CS:GO could mean three things: depositing skins in a pot to play games and earning more skins (or lose everything) or placing a bet (using your skins) on the outcome of a professional match. It could also mean betting on the result of a specific map match which is still during a professional game.

You should know that CS:GO isn’t the only game community that is associated with online gambling.

The Question on legalization

As an e-sport, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has grown ever since it introduced “skins.” Many players, even non-players, wager on games, placing their bets on the strongest team they know. Other betters outside America even take CSGO gambling way too seriously that they use real money to bet.

But using real cash to gamble is the very thing that expands the legality problem. In 46 American states and some European ones, using cash to bet on the results of sports is illegal. Virtual goods, however, such as skins, could be used.


Today, a lot of sites don’t stick with the simple place your skins and bet on your favorite team kind of gambling. Most of them define gambling as playing games, such as coin flip, roulette, jackpot, dice, blackjack, and more. Skins, of course, should be deposited first before playing. And because there are numerous sites available, there’s another issue that has risen: minors could gamble without knowing the risks. Some sites don’t ask if you’re 18 or older, which makes them accessible to anyone of any age. This, of course, is another thing that questions the legality of online CSGO gambling.

Furthermore, no one can determine how much sales these gambling sites process because not only are the owners hard to name; they also don’t operate under proper regulations.



Even though legal issues are surrounding CSGO gambling, these can be avoided if players know how to limit gambling and balance their gaming life. It’s also crucial to follow one’s state laws regarding online gambling.

To be safe, it’s best to stick with gambling using skins instead of real cash. Skins are virtual goods that are exciting to collect anyway, and they make Counter-Strike more appealing and stimulating for players. Want to gamble some more? Use skins and stay away from trouble!

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